Shadow of the Pilgrims

Thought for the Day: Any job worth doing well is worth dying for.

Reference/Subject: Hive Cado//Vaxanide//Malfian Subsector//Calixis Sector//Segmentum Obscurus
World Classification: Hive; Developing
Tithe Classification: Exactis Extremis
Locale: Windshear Zone, Lower SubTiers, Southern Quadrant, Hive Cado
Hive Co/Ord: 97255#Σ≠Ω/336/8260373 Preparation: Autosavant Garn Shavvus
Attribution: Inquisitor Dahlia Thrace
Ordinanator: Conclave Calixis/Covenant Sibellus/Chamber Obscuro

To her Most Holy and Pious Lord Inquisitor Gethamine, Ordo Malleus Calixis,

My Lord,

I have begun assembling a series of reports on the Vaxanide Incident (Codename: Shadow of the Pilgrims) while I recover from my injuries sustained on the Calistari mining colony. Genetor Hale is rendering down the body, and hopes to have a positive gene-match within the week.

My acolytes-may I say thank you again for your suggestions about their training regimens!-have acquitted themselves remarkably well for otherwise untested individuals. I pray that they can put these heretics to the flame before long.

Please find the attached crypt-packet sealed with a required bio-auspex scan.

His Light guide us!

Inquisitor Dahlia Thrace,
Ordo Malleus Calixis

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Shadow of the Pilgrims

Case files of the Ordo Malleus Calixis ChaosShard