Inquisitor Dahlia Thrace


Human Female
Age: 68 (Appears 25)
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 65kg
Hair: Dyed Black with two strips in the front that she dyes different colors frequently
Skin: Fair
Notable features: A tattoo of the Inquisitorial =I= symbol over her right eye. The tattoo extends from her forehead almost to her jaw.

A member of Ordo Malleus, Inquisitor Thrace has taken to training her Acolytes personally. Although a stern task mistress, the Inquisitor seems to be interested in making sure that her acolytes can and will survive the challenges ahead of them. She demands hard work, but at the same time, gives her acolytes the freedom to relax as they see fit when they’re given a break.

The Inquisitor can be impetuous at times, but has learned restraint even in the short time the Acolytes have known her. She is remarkably devout and will often turn to scripture when troubles arise.

Inquisitor Dahlia Thrace

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