Genetor Hale


Age: Unknown
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 150kg (his totaly weight may be 200kg or more with mechadendrites attached)
Skin: Grey (what little is seen of it)
Hair: Unknown/None

Genetor Hale is a Tech-Priest and the chief medical officer aboard the Herald of Perdition (the Black Ship where Inquisitor Thrace is currently based.) He is cold and aloof, his natural vocal equipment long since replaced by an off-key vox that he avoids using when possible.

His labs take up a large section of one deck, and consist of a full hospital (with staff) and an area for his animals. He collects uncatalogued species for genetic sampling in an attempt to unravel the mystery of which bioforms are Terran in origin and which are native to various worlds. His favorite is a small striped felid named Hathor who has mauled several people who made the mistake of trying to touch her. Regardless of protestations to the contrary, Hathor remains with him.

Genetor Hale

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