Case files of the Ordo Malleus Calixis


Inquisitor Thrace, reporting.

My acolytes (known for the duration of this log set as Kill-Team Alpha) have deployed to the upper mid-strata of Hive Cado, upon Vaxanide to meet with Magistrate Glauben about his discoveries. Furthermore, Captain Kaltos is taking the ship through a treacherous maneuver to avoid detection. Normally I would be wary, but the Herald swims with him at the helm. Thank the Emperor for putting him in our service. Although such stealth will serve to protect Kill-Team Alpha, it also imperils them, as we face a 72 standard hour communication blackout as the Herald circles around one of Vaxanide’s moons.

Following my Lord’s instructions, I will use this as a place for my private thoughts. I find myself concerned for them. They are trustworthy and faithful, but otherwise untested. Although fair shots, both Corvus and Aria are less than stellar at close-quarters fighting, which is common in the packed streets of a hive. F-e needs time and good positioning to be at her best, while Wraxa will have to deal with some of the worst dregs Hive Cado can offer, possibly alone. They have been cast into a crucible, and I fear the Emperor Himself may be the only smith who can draw them forth whole.


Inquisitor Thrace resuming log.

By the Grace of the God-Emperor and the skills of the esteemed Genetor Hale, I am once again conscious. Although uninjured, and spiritually sound, I am weakened to the point of helplessness. My acolytes managed to banish the foul scion of the Arch Enemy even after seeing me fall. Truly, He was with us this day.

We have received a distress call from Vaxanide, requesting Ordos intervention in regards to a series of pattern killings that mark the points of the symbol of the Arch Enemy: the eight pointed star. Details to be logged in a sealed, official report.


Genetor Hale reporting.

Inquisitor Thrace injured. Estimated recovery time unknown. Daemon banished by acolytes, with F-e delivering the killing blow. Commissar executed for cowardice in the face of the Arch-Enemy. Full report to be filed upon her recovery.


Indicent Reports
A log of Ordo incident reports and combat logs


A report has come in that a hated daemonhost has been trapped on the mining colony of Castari. The Herald of Perdition is close enough to make it there in under a week. Inquisitor Thrace has rallied her troops in a dangerous gambit to kill it.


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